Welcome to the SPEED FOR NEED website. We are glad you chose to check us out!  Below is our BEST content, news articles, TV segments, and videos of our EPIC races! We’ve only been at this since July 2017, so bear with us as we figure out this website thingy… but we’re full-steam ahead trying to serve the Charlotte, NC and surrounding areas to create community awareness and IMPACT! Check out a video… or two… or three… or ALL of them!

💥First Race of 2018 Here Already?!?! YES (Updated: 1/7/2018)💥

Well, that wasn’t much of an offseason ( a little more than a month)!  Well, SPEED FOR NEED was happy to be present at the Joe Davis Run for Recovery where we pushed two special riders, and had all 6 of our chairs being pushed in the race in memory of those who have left us too soon.  Have a look at the event video and have HOPE and COURAGE!

💥2017 SPEED FOR NEED YEAR IN REVIEW VIDEO (Updated: 12/31/2017)💥

Happy New Year from SPEED FOR NEED! We put together some of the best clips of 2017 for you to see the impact we have had on the community in just 19 races. Hoping that 2018 we can serve and inspire thousands more in our community.  If you haven’t watched any of our videos, this is the one to see!  Definitely worth your 5minutes to end 2017 and start 2018 right.


This was the last race of the Inaugural 2017 SPEED FOR NEED Season!  Before the fun stops due to the colder weather, 50+ men of Gastonia saved one of the best for last, at the ChristmasTown 5K in McAdenville, NC.  The weather was amazing, and our four Track Commanders had a blast cruising under the Christmas lights. The event video doesn’t do justice to how fun the event really was, but you can see a sliver of what happened last night!  Great work F3 Nation Gastonia!


True Love doesn’t stop due to circumstance… not even 20yrs later. Yesterday we honored John.  67 members of the F3 Nation community signed up to participate in the Santa Scramble 5K and support and honor one of our F3 brother’s (Gray Riley – aka Hootie) best friends John Fulghum. John was in a horrific car accident 20yrs ago which left him a quadriplegic with a traumatic brain injury, and took the life of his older brother and another passenger. Prior to the accident, John was a top football and track athlete in Concord High School. Today was a day the entire city of Concord, his neighbors, friends, family, and classmates celebrated John as he was pushed by his best friend Gray, and classmates in the community race that passed literally in front of his front yard. We love you John.

This story and video has attracted a lot of attention nationally (video viewed over 2,000 times in a few days).  It has been covered by both Hoka One One in their #HumansOfHoka Blog, RightThisMinute.com a TV show profiling “viral videos” in over 90% of America’s Best TV stations, and the leading UK Independent photo and news agency Caters News.  Here are the links:

RightThisMinute – SPEED FOR NEED

#HumansOfHoka – SPEED FOR NEED

Caters News – SPEED FOR NEED



It was such an honor to be able to push 5 World War 2 & Korean War Veterans to the finish line of the Charlotte Marathon in the relay yesterday.  No words can express the emotion of the event, the support of the community, and the bonds that were formed yesterday.  We tried to capture it in the event video in 5 minutes, and hope that you can relive the experience with us.  Thank you veterans for your service.

💥 HONORING OUR VETERANS (Updated 11/8/2017)💥

i O’Connor for profiling the 5 Veterans SPEED FOR NEED will be helping cross the finish line this weekend’s Charlotte Marathon! We’re excited to honor them with by having our F3 Nation Veterans pushing them. Check out the preview:

WBTV News Segment


💥 SPEED FOR NEED HELPS THEM SOAR (Updated 11/5/2017)💥

SPEED FOR NEED was called into duty to help two exceptional riders, Kyle and Colin, get to the finish line  for the Exceptional Foundation in their Inaugural Race, the Let Them Soar 5K, our 13th Race since July 4th!  Get job Jeremy Draper for being an awesome event Q and putting the video together to capture the event (dude rode a bike to get footage!)  Next weekend is SPEED FOR NEED’s Super Bowl… The Charlotte Marathon Relay, where 20 special riders (15 kids and 5 World War 2 / Korean War Veterans) will be riding as Track Commanders throughout the 26.2 mile marathon course!  It will be a truly special Veterans Day.


Thank you FOX News Good Day Charlotte, Jason & Page, and Run For Your Life for inviting SPEED FOR NEED to come chat this morning about what we do and our involvement in the upcoming Marathon. Had a blast! Our biggest SFN event to date will be the Charlotte Marathon Relay, where our fleet of four racing chariots will be pushed the entire 26.2 miles, with some very special riders… 15 awesome kids and 5 World War 2 / Korean War Veterans! Come run alongside them, or cheer them on 11/11/2017!

SPEED FOR NEED was in the birthday celebration mood, by traveling down South to celebrate Leo’s 4th Birthday, as well as co-founder JRR Tolkien’s 40th birthday.  And what a great morning it was.  Just do yourself a favor and watch the video, and make plans to be at Go Leo Go 5K next year right now… amazing inspirational parents, community, and courageous boy in Leo.  Read Leo’s Story HERE and enjoy our event video.  Happy Birthday Leo!
💥WHISKERS FOR WHEELS! (Updated 10/26/2017)💥
ABC News Columbia had Troy Fite, known to F3 Nation as ‘Thumbs Up’ of Lexington, SC back on camera for an update on their fundraiser for SPEED FOR NEED. Proceeds will go towards the purchase of a 5th racing chair to add to our fleet, and will be named ‘The Smoker’ in honor of one of F3 Nation’s fallen brothers John “Cheech” Flanagan. Check out the news article/clip below:
💥THIS is AMAZING GRACE! (Updated 10/22/2017)💥
SPEED FOR NEED was called into action at The Amazing Grace 5K to fill a community need, and what an honor it was to get Michael (6’3″ 195lbs!) to the finish line, remember Grace, and support the efforts of the Amazing Grace Foundation created in her memory, to support finding a cure for bone cancer.  Here is the event video from Race #11:
💥 WE are the HOPEbuilders! (Updated 10/15/2017)💥
The men of F3 Nation and ladies of FiA Metro joined forces to help four amazing Track Commanders (Jackson, Rich, Mason, and Devon) to the Finish line of the Hopebuilders 5K benefitting Carolinas Healthcare Foundation and Levine’s Children’s Hospital.  The weather was simply perfect and there could not have been many better ways to spend the morning than out running or supporting these families and the community.  Enjoy the event via which recaps the morning!  Next week is a VERY special race, the Amazing Grace 5K where we will help bone cancer fighters Katlyn & Michael cross the finish line in their race.

💥 5 MINUTES… THATS IT… WATCH & YOU WON’T REGRET IT  (Updated 10/8/2017)💥

SPEED FOR NEED was honored to be able to help at the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure 5K yesterday, and to be able to support 4 ladies fighting cancer get to the finish line to complete the race.  These brave ladies insisted on being at the event despite aggressive chemotherapy and surgeries just days and weeks before the start of the race. See the race through their eyes… then be the difference. Women in the USA have a 1-in-8 (12%) chance of being diagnosed with breast cancer during their lifetime.  That’s staggering and unacceptable.



Molly Grantham for helping spread the word about what F3 Nation and SPEED FOR NEED are doing to help others in the community. Tomorrow at the Susan G. Komen Race For the Cure 5K in Uptown, Charlotte, SPEED FOR NEED will be pushing 4 ladies fighting cancer to the finish line of the race, as members of the Heather’s Heroes Team.  It should be a very powerful day, and we’re so glad to be able to help.  Here is the news clip from the 5:00PM evening news, and the article written:

News Article:http://www.wbtv.com/story/36534744/blog-pushing-survivors-in-chariots


💥DOES IT GET ANY BETTER THAN THIS? (Updated 10/6/2017)💥

The men of F3 Nation’s Lake Norman Region had so much fun driving brothers and Track Commanders Jayson, Rui-Ray and JJ around the Lake Norman 5K course for their Inaugural SPEED FOR NEED Race.  Nothing but the cheers of “Wheels Up!” and “Faster!” could be heard by the boys for ~20+minutes. These kids, who are all members of the Rollin’ Hornets wheelchair basketball team are so AWESOME, they don’t let their disability (arthrogryposis) keep them down.  Check out the event video and relive the morning with us!


💥HOT OFF THE PRESS (Updated 10/3/2017)💥

Race #6, the Inaugural SPEED FOR NEED Race for F3 Nation’s South Charlotte Region (Area51/SOB/UnionCo/Indian Land), the Isabella Santos 5K was simply amazing! Being able to support the ISF in their quest to end kids cancer, and celebrate our Track Commanders Kinsey, Andrew, Luke, and Lily made this such a special day. But as good as the event video is, it doesn’t compare to the real thing… so sign up and join us for an upcoming race! Here’s our event video:


💥Race #5 in the books, and oh how special it was! First time where all 4 of our racing chairs were rollin’ side by side in the St Anne’s Nun Run 5K hosted by F3 Nation’s Rock Hill Region. These kids had such a blast, and all of us were so honored to be a part of the race. Check out the event videos below…. YES there’s 2!



💥Thanks ABC News Columbia for the airtime! The men of F3 Nation in South Carolina (Columbia, Lexington, and Lake Murray) are putting their razors down for two months as a fundraiser for SPEED FOR NEED. Proceeds will go towards the purchase of a 5th racing chair to add to our fleet, and will be named ‘The Smoker’ in honor of one of F3 Nation’s fallen brothers John “Cheech” Flanagan. Check out the news article/clip below:

ABC Columbia News Story Link


💥You’re in luck! Here is the latest and greatest event video from SFN Race #3 the GreekFest 5K this past Saturday 8/26/2017 where our GREEN and RED Team Hoyt Racing Chairs were in action for their debut race. Check out the event video!


💥2 Races in 1 day?!?!?! Yup… Our F3 Nation brothers in Hickory, NC gave two of the sweetest Track Commanders a thrilling ride at SFN Race #4 the Hickory Christian Academy 5K.  The excitement in their faces tell it all!


💥WHAT FUN! SPEED FOR NEED made a visit to the 5th Annual F3 Dads Camp at YMCA Camp Thunderbird on 8/12/2017 where kids and dads got a chance to experience what being a Track Commander or Driver felt like with our fleet of four racing chairs. Check it out!


💥What a quick turnaround! SPEED FOR NEED Race #2 is in the books as of Friday 7/7/2017… Check out the video for the Concord Streetlight 5k hosted by F3 Nation’s MECA Region. AWESOME work to everyone involved!


💥Check out our event video from our Inaugural race, the American 4-miler held on Independence Day 7/4/2017.  It is well worth the ~5 minutes to see what we are up to… changing communities and lives.


💥Check out our video ‘The Making of SPEED FOR NEED” to see all the work that has gone into creating this charity with a mission to empower those with disabilities and affected by diseases through participation in fitness events.



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